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Follow these simple steps: –

1. Ensure that your NFC is activated on your device (settings, connections, enable NFC).

2. Use your Hey Howzit card to tap on the back of your mobile device (on the top for Apple devices and middle for Android) which will prompt you to select your internet browser.

3. On clicking it, you will see a “dummy profile”, scroll to the bottom and select the Login to Edit Profile button which will take you to the login screen if you are not already logged in.

4. If you have forgotten your password, click on “lost your password?” to reset your password, using the email address provided when your Hey Howzit card was purchased.

5. Once logged in, go to Edit Digital Card and complete / amend all the mandatory details to customise your card.

6. On hitting the submit button, your card will be ready for use.

7. Click View Card to see what your card looks like or tap on your Hey Howzit card to view your changes.

Your Hey Howzit Digital Business Card will be available for you to use for a period of two years before renewing.