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MLM Modules

MLM Modules

Auto Responder

This module is for sending automated emails to the users like reminder email, birthday wishing email, etc.

Add Popup

This module lets the admin create banners like promotional offers and other notifications which then pop up on users' screen.

Advanced Alert

In this module, preprogrammed alerts can be sent to a particular user.


This module lets the users get their purchased products orservices of the company shipped to them automatically on regular intervals (eg: monthly auto shipping).

Backup & Restore

This is for the system database backup and restore. Admin can restore a specific database as well. There is manual and auto backup option.


By using this module, users get a badge based on their current rank and current package.

Back Office Branding

Provides complete change of back office theme color according to the company logo and website. Additional designs or changes will be charged.


It allows admin to either permit or restrict a user from getting benefit from any commissions installed on the system.

Contract Signing

Users can log on to the system with their email id, phone number, etc, and sign a contract according to the company’s terms and conditions with the help of typeform.com integrated into the module.

Cookie Consent

By installing this module, you will be able to get cookie consent from visitors.

Crypto Currency Integration

Payment gateways are integrated based on demand and costed per gateway.


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

This CRM module lets you manage customers, invoice, finance, newsletter, etc

Dashboard Theme

It is the module to change the look and feel of the dashboard of the user/admin and members. Different themes are available and can be selected.

Dynamic Compression

At the time of calculating commissions, the dynamic compression module enables skipping inactive users and the benefits or bonus will be distributed to the active users in the next slot. The dynamic compression module compresses the inactive users and their benefit will be passed on to the next active user.

E-Commerce Integration - Woocommerce

Integrate with wordpress woocommerce shop website.

Email Broadcasting

Admin can send bulk or individual emails to the user registered emails.

Email Verification

This module is for email verification for users at the time of registration. Only then users can access the system.

Employee Management

This module is for creating employees. Admin can also change an employee’s privileges and when the employee log in, it will set access the pre-set privileges.

E-Pin Management

E-Pin is a prepaid voucher payment method designed to secure the MLM business transactions. In this module, users can purchase E-pins using payment methods like e-wallet, PayPal, etc, and manage them.


This module covers the frequently asked questions for the users. The questions and answers are displayed on category wise.


This is for collecting company’s product or service feedback from the customers. In this module, admin can create feedback forms of different types and it comes with star rating system. It also generates reports based on collected feedback.


In this module, users can login with Google reCAPTCHA, which prevents bots and scams.

Holding Tank

In this module, after user registration, the sponsor can decide whether to place the user on left or right on the tree, in binary MLM plan. Admin can enable/disable this option and when it's enabled, users can turn this on/off. New users will be moved into the sponsor’s holding tank list and then the sponsor can place the users individually or as bulk on right or left. The placement set can be amended to additional placement sets, left or right /strong or weak / inner or outer legs as per customisation.

Initial Back Office Setup

Setup up the back office for use.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This is for verifying the identity of a customer. Users can upload their IDs or documents and get it verified. Admin can also configure what documents are needed to upload.


In this module, users can make investments in the company. Admin can collect the investment amount from users and distribute the returns on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to the users.

IP Blocker

IP Blocker is the module to prevent fraud attempts. If there is a continuous attempt from an IP to a system, then the IP Blocker module prevents that. IPs can be blacklisted and whitelisted using this module.

Lead Capture Page

In lead capture page, users can see their leads details and manage them. This module includes lead capture page, lead dashboard, lead follow up options, etc.

Learning Centre

Admin can upload learning resources like documents or videos for users.


Migrate users from old software or any other platform to software.

Monthly Subscription

This is for the business if they provide a monthly or yearly subscription plan of their products or services to the members. In this module, the subscription plan of a member is automatically renewed by deducting the corresponding amount from their  e-wallet.


This tool lets the admin publish news on users’ dashboard. News can be pre scheduled to be published on a particular date in this module.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are integrated based on demand and costed per gateway.

Here are some gateways that has been integrated.

2checkout (https://www.2checkout.com/ ) Worldwide
Alliedwallet ( www.alliedwallet.com ) US,Russia,China and UK
Amazon Payment (https://aws.amazon.com/api-gateway/ ) Worldwide
Authorize.net ( https://www.authorize.net/ ) United States, Europe
BlueSnap ( https://home.bluesnap.com/ ) Worldwide
Braintree ( https://www.braintreepayments.com/ ) Worldwide
CC Avenue ( www.ccavenue.com ) India
CyberSource (www.cybersource.com ) Worldwide
ePay.bg ( https://www.epay.bg/ ) Bulgaria
eway ( www.eway.com.au ) Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdoms, Singapore and Canada
First data ( www.firstdata.com ) Worldwide
hipay ( www.hipay.com ) France,Belgium,Italy,Portugal,Spain,USA,Brazil
Hipay direct ( www.hipaydirect.com ) dubai
HIPAYWALLET ( www.hipaywallet.com ) Worldwide
i-payout ( www.i-payout.com) Worldwide
Liberty Reserve ( www.libertyreserve.com ) Worldwide
myPOS ( https://www.mypos.eu/en/home ) Europe
NMI ( www.nmi.com ) United States
Payeer ( https://payeer.com/en/ ) GEORGIA, RUSSIA
Payfast ( www.payfast.co.za ) South africa
Payline ( https://paylinedata.com/ ) US
Paypal ( www.paypal.com ) Worldwide
Paystack (https://paystack.com/ ) Nigeria
payu ( www.payu.in ) India
Payza ( https://www.payza.com/ ) UK
Recurly ( https://recurly.com ) US
redsys ( www.redsys.es ) Spain
SecurePay (https://www.securepay.com/ ) Worldwide
Skrill ( www.skrill.com ) Worldwide
Sofort (www.sofort.com ) Germany
SolidTrustPay ( www.solidtrustpay.com ) Worldwide
Squareup (https://squareup.com/us/en ) Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States
Stripe (https://stripe.com/ ) Worldwide
Worldpay (https://www.worldpay.com/ ) Worldwide

Personalised Commission Manager

The personalized commission manager allows changing the commission ratio for a particular user. Price of this module may vary based on the complexity and strength of the commissions that are included in the system

Real Time Commission Monitoring

Monitor the commission distrubuted in the system live

Recurring Subscription and Autoship

Get automatic recurring payments from users on recurring bases

Remote Login

By using this module, admin can access a user's account without password. This module is available in the member management page.

Replication Website

Replication tool lets the users get a personalized website with the company domain name. The page includes user profile details and register option for new members. Users can share this page link and the members who register from the link are automatically placed below the user.

Sponsor Change

This module lets you change the sponsor of a user and it shows a detailed report of it.

SMS Integration

In this module, admin can send system related SMS notifications to the users. There is also an option to send bulk SMS notifications to the users.

Support Chat

Brand Ambassadors can live chat with admins via chat.

Support - Ticket System

This module lets the users get system support from admin. Admin has the option to assign and manage agents on different support categories such as department, finance, accounts, etc.

Two-Factor Authentication

This module lets the users access their account with two-factor authentication for extra security using google authenticator. Users can enable/disable this feature.

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