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Online Training

Syfinity Academy is the online training system Employers will love

It’s an all in one system that makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. Transforming your training requirements into a reality in minutes. Add your documents into online training courses with quizzes or surveys and quickly deliver them to your employees or audience.

Take your training to the next level

Syfinity Academy is a stunning, modern website that gives you everything you need to do your training. Let us uncomplicate the Working From Home. Easily create and manage Employee, New Hire Onboarding, Continuous Professional Development training, Compliance, Channel, Systems and so much more. Designed to suit any industry. Use case training by uploading documents, videos, podcasts, plus the flexibility of varied formats. Setting up assessments / quizzes (exams) or surveys has never been easier for your staff or service providers to take. Automated certificates populated after each completed exam. Add a timer to the exam, easily done,  set 3 attempts to write the exam, easily done, randomise the questions, easily done, plus multiple system functionalities available for you to plug in and use.

Packed with loads of features, Syfinity Academy is ready to go and will take your business to the next level.

Whether your vision is big or small, you’re in good company. Our system can be used for any industry, from small businesses, musicians, non-profit institutes to doctors, the system will cater for your training requirements.


Our system features: organisation, interaction, independence, integration and is already set up with everything you need to create and manage your training requirements.


What’s all the FUSS?

The challenge is that we are so busy with doing the work and perhaps stuck in our old ways of doing things that we sometimes don’t realise that training can provide a completely new perspective on how things could be done. With the “New Normal” of Working From Home (WFH), training has become even more difficult to carry out. This is one of the reasons why we developed Syfinity Academy to address this gap. You can easily attach pdf documents, videos, podcasts, add quizzes (exams) or surveys and issue certificates in minutes.


Why Work with us?

Proudly South African

One more reason to support us, local is lekker.

Proudly South African

One more reason to support us, local is lekker


Level 1 EME BBB-EE Status


Level 1 EME BBB-EE Status

Our Solution

Compliance Training

Provide your dispersed channel partners and representatives with consistent training materials accessible from any device.

Employee Training

Help your staff stay up-to-date and quickly gain new skills with engaging online training modules and online knowledge checks.


Quizzes or Surveys

Easily create quizzes or surveys for your employees or channel partners.



Syfinity Academy works for any industry. Where you have specific needs, we will gladly find solutions to meet them that will benefit all our clients.

Regular Updates

We aim to remain relevant, thus updating our platform regularly. All updates on are released in real-time.


Premium Support

Ask us anything! Our skilled support team will promptly answer all your questions. We provide premium support for all our products.

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