Online Shop Requirements


e-Commerce (Online Shopping) Client Requirements

Welcome to our Syfinity Solutions E-Commerce (Online Shopping) Client Requirements page.

To help you in supplying us the correct product infomation to be able to populate your e-commerce site, please read through this information requirements.


1. Quick Content

We find populating your product information and details thereof on a spreadsheet is more efficient. Contact us for an example of the spreadsheet Format to streamline this process. This will not only provide a standard format you can use but also gives you comfort that no product will be omitted.

The list will also assist in identifying which products, pictures and content comes together, so that we can upload the correct content to the correct product.

Content: Please provide per page in a Microsoft WORD Document.

Product loading: We will only pre-load 30 products on the website in accordance with the package you have agreed to. If you require us to load more than the 30 pre-loaded products we can do so at an additional cost per product.

Images : Please provide in high quality in .jpg and .png formats

Logos : Please provide in high quality in .jpg and .png formats

2. Content Management Information (Required)

Here we need text to fill the following pages

1. Legal Notice

2. Product Delivery

3. Terms and Conditions of Use

4. About Us

5. About Secure Payment

6. Store Physical Address & Contact Details:
• Physical Store Photo and Branches
• Store & Branches and Exact Physical Address for Maps
• Staff Photo’s, Responsibilities, Departments, Profile Descriptions and Contact Details

3. Locations

1. Do you want to sell to the rest of the world or South Africa only?

2. Which currencies would you like to trade in?

3. Are you VAT Registered?

4. If yes, will need your VAT Number for the store

4. Shipping/Deliveries

1. Do you have an account with a shipping/courier company?

2. If you do, could you provide us with the login details to synchronize with them

3. How do you intend to do deliveries?

4. Are your products selling by price or weight?

5. If by weight we will need (package width/package height/package depth/package weight)

6. If by price – the courier cost per item.

5. Products

1. Product Categories
2. Product Name
3. Very Short Description
4. Long Description and/or Specs
5. Product Tag Name
6. Product Price before VAT
7. If also selling wholesale – Wholesale price before VAT
8. Indicate if the product is Associated with another product
9. Does your product sell in various colours?
10. If so, we will need pictures of those products in various colours
11. Does your product sell in various sizes?
12. If so we will need you to indicate with prices on sizes per product.
13. Are you going to sell on specific quantities available in store?
14. If so we will need exact quantities… basically you will need to stocktake and send the list.
15. Or will you be selling “Allow Orders regardless of stock items available”?
16. If so, we can place a clause for people to confirm availability.
17. Images: We will need Images of various angles per product.
18. Images: If product sells per colour, we will need those varieties as well.
19. Product Code: We will need your selling product code per product
20. Buyers Code: Or if you wish to use your product codes from your supplier we can do that.

21. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or UPC or EAN or ISBN
22. If you have attachments/spec sheets per product you can send that along as well.

6. Manufacturers and Suppliers

Manufacturer and Supplier logos/details can also be added for branded products. This is only applicable where the site visitor will not be able to purchase from them directly seeing that they are not dealers.

Therefore, Trusting Branding Product Logos on the e-commerce site can be showed for more sales power.

7. Social Media and Email Campaigns

Please provide all social media links, usernames and passwords so that we can synchronize it with your online store. You can always change the passwords afterword’s, once we have completed the set up.

Email Campaigns
Are you sending out newsletters to your clients, if not please register with and send us the username and password, so that we can synchronise here as well.

Should we need more information, we will be in contact with you via email for those requests (for instance front page adverts etc.).

In the meantime, this should get us going. The faster you can provide us with all the information/content for the site, the faster we can get your website/e-commerce store launched.