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Feb 15, 2021 | QR Codes

QR Codes – What’s all the “noise” about?

QR Codes

If you anything like me, you’ve heard the term QR Code but you’re not really sure why everyone seems to be talking about it. I mean QR – what does it even stand for. “Quick Response” so I discovered by doing a quick google search.

In a day of fast and immediate, this got me real excited to find out more. So, from one laywoman or man to another, let’s check out what indeed the “noise” is all about, especially for business and customers.

A little history: QR Codes were first developed in 1994 for use in the Japan automobile industry. Various search engines reveal the spike in its interest in 2011 and 2016. But now more than ever before our interest in QR Codes is at an all-time high.   

In fact, the word QR Code is being searched in Google, at this moment, more frequently than at any other point in history.  

While they may look simple, QR codes can store huge amounts of data. But no matter how much they contain, when scanned, the QR code will allow users to access information instantly – hence the name Quick Response code.  

Why has it captured our attention? 

The coronavirus of course!! QR codes provide—mobile, touchless powered solutions that historically was a novelty, but not anymore. The solutions that QR codes provide can be directly applied to the global problems we are all facing today – our need for less touching but still getting on with life.  

What are the benefits of using QR codes in your business?  


QR code uses are numerous and impactful. They encode anything from straightforward business cards to more complex touchless payment systems. They power WiFi authentication, event check-in, and also ordering systems. After learning about what a QR code is, you will see that the format is a bit of a blank slate, which makes it easy to customise and make you own. You can encode virtually anything in a QR code. And the QR code minimum size makes it ideal where space is limited. 

Easy access  

Smartphone and QR code statistics show 91% of iOS devices have a built-in QR code scanner with Android not being too far behind. As older devices become obsolete, the percentage continues upwards. Today, most people walk around with the ability to scan a QR code in their pocket. 

More than ever, mobile users look for information using their devices, in fact stats indicate just about 94% of its users. 

QR codes can be placed anywhere. A substantial amount of people use smartphones and most research local businesses by using their phones. If you place your QR Code strategically, you would be well suited to fit into current consumer behaviour, thus increasing foot traffic to your website and in turn, the creating customer engagement which can lead to more business.


QR codes—and particularly dynamic QR codes—have no space limitations. Should you wish to distribute your entire product listing with prices, descriptions, and pics for good measure, you can!

Want to include your business’s origin story or mission statement in an advertisement or email? With a QR Code you can, just include a QR Code that links to the information you want to share.

It doesn’t only allow for more content, but for more meaningful content. By encoding the URL its now easier to also include audio and video content.

In addition, it also caters for interactive content like surveys, review requests, social media accounts, and comment sections. Interactive content turns your QR code campaign into a conversation—and with this, you can build a social media following quickly.

Most consumers today want the companies they interact with to speak to the things that drive their purchasing decisions:- well-being, sustainability, and social responsibility. By driving these conversations, businesses can build long term relationships. The depth and quality content that QR codes offers, will make building long lasting customer relations much easier.

Reduces carbon footprint

One only need to look at the amount of printed material to see the vast items QR Codes can replace. From menus to brochures to business cards, etc.  The use of QR Codes will encourage scanning instead of printing, thus reducing your company’s carbon footprint, thus positively impacting your ecological sustainability.


Reducing printing will automatically transfer into cost savings. Restaurants, for example, can spend huge amounts of monies on menus which in most instances, needs to be reviewed and re-printed. Using QR Codes will eliminates these types of costs.  One may consider the creation and maintenance of QR Codes as expensive, but the benefits of versatility and adaptability make this expense worth it in the long term. You can even create a QR code for free, though we recommend businesses against it, due to the security issues encountered with these free options. 


What are the benefits of using QR Codes for customers?

Quick response

For most, COVID-19 screening has created endless ques and delays from kids going back to school or trying to enter your workplace. Most companies are using the old and trusted “book and pen” method to meet current legal requirements. 

Check out our MyGateWay App to see just one example of how the use of QR Codes can speed up this process. 


MyGate App

By encoding information in two directions instead of one, that is, horizontally and vertically (which is why the QR Code is square), QR codes not only speed up the scanning process but also delivers the information quicker from two directions instead of one. 

Easy to use

QR codes aren’t scanned by barcode scanners like the ones you see in our retail stores.  They’re scanned by 2D optical scanners. A regular camera equates to this type of optical scanner. This is precisely the reason why our smartphone cameras can so easily be made to scan QR codes.

Scanning a QR code is as easy as pointing a camera at something. This scanning can take place from farther away and at numerous angles, which makes scanning QR Codes easy.

QR Code content/link can be saved 

When you scan QR Codes with your phone, you not only have the option of viewing the contents but you can also save it, regardless of whether it’s a URL or just plain text. This is super convenient if you don’t have the time to read or interact with the QR Code that very instant.

Once again, flexibility

Because QR codes often direct customers to online marketing material, the updating of images or making amendments is done with little effort. Thus, there is no need for reprinting or redistribution if something needs to change.  This leads to one of the most impactful changes of using QR Codes – the many marketing benefits it provides.


Coming back to “What’s all the noise about?”

From the restaurants industry to the health care sector, the benefits of using QR codes are undeniable for both business and consumers. And if trends are anything to go by, everyone is finally coming around to it.

Embracing the use of QR codes – Affordable and contactless customer touchpoints can now mean the difference between success and failure. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, the benefits of QR codes are yours to take.



Looking to explore the use of QR Codes? No problem, we will be happy to help. 

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